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we are manufacturer of high quality hot forged, semi-hot forged and machining products for all makes of metal parts, auto parts, suspension parts, engine parts and component parts for trucks & tractors, etc.
Thai Metal Forging Co.,Ltd also known as ‘TMF Forging’ is a professional manufacturer in Thailand specialising in Forging (Hot & Semi Hot), Machining (Ferrous  and Non Ferrous) metal parts for OEM & REM.

With over 45 years experience in manufacturing of automotive parts, suspension parts, motorcycle parts, engine parts, components for cars, trucks, agricultural tractors, industrial conveyor systems, etc., TMF Forging has devoted itself with employing advance production equipment & machines as well as in-house facilities under strict quality management system to manufacture high quality metal parts products to satisfy customer's requirement. 


The Company has strived to provide the Best quality parts, products and services to our customer.  We also supply professional solutions to your forging and machining work piece should our customer demands in short notice. 


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